About Us

Orginally in Established in 2005
Our continued goal from the beginning is to genuinely help folks first get over their fear with computers by resolving their computer issues and showing them how to fix it if it occurs again. As such, our certified technicians first started training companies and residences with different software and technologies. We then focused our skill sets more on computer repairs and support as new Windows and Mac operating systems were upgraded.

The two qualities of focusing on people first with training and guidance as well as expert computer repairs have continued to allow our technicians provide the qualified support that thousands of New Cincinnatins love and look forward to.

Over the years, we have gained industry expertise in data recovery, laptop and desktop hardware repairs (i.e. motherboard / video / LCD screen / jack replacements), server/network support and have been fortunate enough to attain our customers mostly from the best testament of all: word of mouth.

Meet the Business Owner: Cleo Allen.
has the perfect combination of tools to be the effective leader he is today. Cleo genuine concern and interest for others is what fuels his dedication in providing top customer service in a computer field that has lost its people-first priority.

Before starting Lapteck in 2005, he had valuable work experience in computer support within the marketing and recruitment industries. He has leveraged this experience by recruiting only the top IT folks with 10+ experience who have the same people-first, then computer support, mentality.