Term Conditons


I hereby authorize Protechs llc and its representatives, to work on the laptop listed above, they may operate the equipment for the purposes of testing, diagnosing, upgrading, and repairing at my risk, they will not be held responsible for any lose of data as in the cases of fixed disk drives, or floppy disk. (Proper back-up procedures should have been taken in advance by the equipment owner/user to facilitate the restoration of data in the event that such a need may arise.

I hereby agree to pay a non-negotiable one hour diagnostic fee of $69 dollars. I understand that my equipment may or may not be repaired in this 1 hour period, that additional fees may apply, and that I am fully responsible for all fees listed on the above mentioned service order. I understand that in the event my system cannot be repaired, some fees may be negotiable at the discretion of Protechs llc and its associates.

We here at Protechs llc strive to perform our services at the highest quality and in as timely manner as possible. Our projected turnaround time on all service orders a minimum of 5 business days, however sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, service orders may be delayed even longer. We do offer Rush service at an additional fee of $50. Rush service only guarantees that we will begin servicing your laptop with-in 1 to 3 business days; there is no guaranteed completion date.
Hardware repairs carry a 30 day labor warranty unless specified other wise. Software repairs carry no warranty at all, due to spyware and virus that are out of our hands. Any laptop left at Protechs llc more than 60days beyond the above date will accrue a $1/ day storage fee. Any laptop left for more than 90days is considered abandoned and becomes the property of Protechs llc

By check the box on the form I understand and agree to the conditions stated above